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Quality and Belief

It's been a really great year for my business. Objectively, I know that to be true. But, more often than I'd like, doubt and frustration still creep in. It's mostly due to comparison – looking at other creators I'm modeling after and comparing my success to their success. What are THEY

Audience Building, Courses, Email

Six lessons from Tiago Forte and Building a Second Brain

This week's episode of Creative Elements with Tiago Forte got a LOT of love on Twitter. And not just an anecdotal positive response – the Spotify data shows that this episode may have the highest listener retention ever! If you don't know Tiago, he's the creator of Building a Second Brain.


What is your American Idol story?

I watch more American Idol than you may expect for a man in his 30s. Mallory got me into it when we started dating and just like live sports, there's something special about knowing you're tuning into something live with the rest of the world. It's cozy, OK??? And not

Audience Building

Five audience growth strategies for creators

This week I appeared on the Danny Miranda Podcast. On that show, I shared an almost-ready-for-primetime framework that I've designed to help creators design their content strategy. Listen to the show for a preview, or wait until I share the framework next week! But one piece of that framework I


Two traits of successful creators

The more I embrace my mission of helping people become professional creators, the more I find myself being more brutally honest. Because here's the thing – it's really hard to be a professional creator. Not only to get to the point where you're earning good money, but to sustain that momentum

Core Concepts

Are you building a Skyscraper or a Strip Mall?

I was reflecting this week on some of the big decisions I've made in my business over the last 3-6 months and I had a pretty cool realization... The biggest improvements in my business have all stemmed from conversations I've recorded on Creative Elements. Now nearly 100 interviews into the

Process & Systems

How to be more prolific

You may have heard this quote about creatives: "Painters love to paint. Writers love having written." The joke is that writing is such a difficult, painful process that writers themselves don't even enjoy the act of writing itself. Whether it's writing, recording video, editing podcasts, etc...I've noticed that there

Community & Memberships

Introducing the Creative Companion Club

I'm coming up on five years since I started my creator journey. I started writing Creative Companion in January 2017 (though, by a different name) and I took the leap to self-employment in April of the same year. I had no idea what I was doing. I was freelancing, but

Email, Audience Building

How to grow an email newsletter

If there's one hill I will die on, it's that all creators should include email as part of their creative platform. And I'm not alone on that hill – it's actually pretty crowded. But I know starting an email newsletter can be hard and discouraging – if not downright painful. As I

Community & Memberships

Online community-building predictions 🔮

I organized my first local Startup Weekend event in 2012 – that puts me at a full decade now of community building. And since 2017, the majority of my community-building work has been online. The idea of online community is as old as the internet itself (at least Web2) but it