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Web3, NFTs

Buying and Selling NFTs

Once you've become acclimated to the space, buying and selling NFTs can be done really quickly and easily. But there's a pretty significant learning curve as to how to do it properly and securely. This primer is meant to get you acclimated. I'll cover how to buy and sell NFTs,

Web3, NFTs

Crypto Wallets – How to store digital assets and cryptocurrency

To interact with the different app, Dapps, and services in the Web3 universe, you'll need to use cryptocurrency and other tokens. Cryptocurrency and tokens need to be stored somewhere you can access and manage them, and that's where wallets come in. These wallets can also feel pretty gnarly and scary

Web3, NFTs

NFTs vs. Tokens vs. Coins

As you wade into the Web3 waters, you'll get used to seeing tons of acronyms and other lingo related to digital assets. I'd bet by now you've come across the acronym NFT, and probably have a solid grasp of what they are. But just in case... What is an NFT?